Version 1.1.1  by WSO2

Category : Siddhi Function
Supported Product Version : SP 4.0.0 SP 4.1.0 SP 4.2.0 SP 4.3.0 SP 4.4.0  


The siddhi-execution-tensorflow is an extension to Siddhi that adds support for inferences from pre-built TensorFlow SavedModels using Siddhi.

Features provided by Tensorflow extension

  • Predict stream processor

    Performs inferences (prediction) from an already built TensorFlow machine learning model.
    The types of models are unlimited (including image classifiers, deep learning models) as long as they satisfy the following conditions.
    1. They are saved with the tag 'serve' in SavedModel format.
      (See https://github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow/blob/master/tensorflow/python/saved_model/README.md)
    2. Model is initially trained and ready for inferences.
    3. Inference logic is written and saved in the model.
    4. signature_def is properly included in the metaGraphDef (a protocol buffer file which has information about the graph) and the key for prediction signature def is 'serving-default'

    For more information refer to the documentation.


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