Version 1.1.1  by WSO2

Category : Siddhi IO
Supported Product Version : SP 4.0.0 SP 4.1.0 SP 4.2.0 SP 4.3.0 SP 4.4.0  


The siddhi-io-file extension is an extension to Siddhi which is used to receive/publish event data from/to file. It supports both binary and text formats.

Associated Tags

file siddhi siddhi-io

Features provided by file extension

  • File sink

    The file sink can be used to publish (write) event data which is processed within siddhi to files.
    Siddhi-io-file sink provides support to write both textual and binary data into files.
  • File source

    The file source provides the functionality for user to feed data to siddhi from files.
    Both text and binary files are supported by file source.


Download the JAR files of released versions from Maven Central:

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