Version 1.1.0  by WSO2

Category : Siddhi Execution
Supported Product Version : SP 4.0.0 SP 4.1.0 SP 4.2.0 SP 4.3.0 SP 4.4.0  


The siddhi-execution-env extension is an extension to Siddhi that provides the capability to read environment properties inside Siddhi stream definitions and use it inside queries.

Associated Tags

env siddhi siddhi-execution

Features provided by env extension

  • getEnvironmentProperty function

    This function returns Java environment property corresponding to the key provided.
  • getSystemProperty function

    This function returns the system property pointed by the system property key.
  • getYAMLProperty function

    This function returns the YAML property requested or the default values specified if such avariable is not available in the deployment.yaml


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