Version 1.0.4  by WSO2

Category : Other
Supported Product Version : EI 7.0.x EI 6.6.0 EI 6.5.0  


SMPP Connector allows you to send SMS through the WSO2 EI. It uses jsmpp API to communicate with a SMSC (Short Message service center) which is useful for storing, forwarding, converting and delivering Short Message Service (SMS) messages. jsmpp is a java implementation of SMPP. protocol.

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SMPP SMS Social Technology


Connector Version Supported Product Version
1.0.3 EI 6.5.0
1.0.2 EI 6.3.0
1.0.1 ESB 5.0.0, EI 6.1.1, EI 6.2.0, EI 6.3.0, EI 6.4.0