Microsoft Azure Storage


Version 1.0.4  by WSO2

Category : Storage and Content Management
Supported Product Version : EI 7.0.x EI 6.6.0 EI 6.1.1  


The Microsoft Azure Storage Connector allows you to access the Azure Storage services using Microsoft Azure Storage Java SDK through WSO2 Enterprise Integrator (WSO2 EI). Microsoft Azure Storage is a Microsoft-managed cloud service that provides storage that is highly available and secure. Azure Storage consists of three data services: Blob storage, File storage, and Queue storage.

Associated Tags

Application Storage


Connector Version Product Version
1.0.3 EI 7.0.x, EI 6.6.0, EI 6.1.1
1.0.2 EI 7.0.x, EI 6.6.0, EI 6.1.1
1.0.1 EI 7.0.x, EI 6.6.0, EI 6.1.1
1.0.0 EI 6.1.1